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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I miss U

I get a news
A really need 2 calm down news
My grandpa juz gone 2 another world
I wished i could cried out
but i din cried out in the end
I couldnt went bek
my heart juz peace too peace tat make my scare,
For doing my homework
i watched a movie 2day
Eat Pray Love
I love those pic and words
i read tis word
Here's a deal,
You're going 2 stay here until you forgive yrself
everything else will take care of itself
I stopped my mind turning
maybe be is right but hw cn i make it
Everything juz 2 fast tis year
i couldnt even get a very breath
I lost my love 1 yesterday
And I very miss him
maybe i not tat peaceful afta all
i juz pressed till i find the right 1 2 release out
I wish he will come for my end semester fair
I wished tat b4..

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